Locked in, with nowhere to go and no new sources of entertainment, the world found comfort in social media when COVID -19 struck. With the quarantine and lockdown situations, social media usage blew off the charts. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram saw their users multiply in virtually no time. Even though things are going back to the pre-COVID days gradually, this new-found social media obsession is here to stay. Which is why your business needs to be visible on your customers’ screens right now!

But how do you go about a post-COVID social media marketing campaign? People don’t want to be reminded of the situation when they see your posts. Nor do they want a brand that doesn’t talk about the most significant event of this century yet. To help you, here are some tips to shape your social media marketing strategy for the best reception-

  1. Connect with your audience- No matter your industry, audiences love an aware business that wants to help. Share good news, authentic vaccination or test information in your region, and let your target audience know that you care.
  2. Show them you’re building- Business world will never be the same. People would especially be hesitant in visiting local eateries, entertainment joints and hotels. To make sure you don’t get left out, keep sending information about the steps you’re taking to ensure hygiene, sanitation, and the safety of your patrons.
  3. Keep a track of what’s trending- COVID trends have been coming in and going out lightning fast. Be it breads or dalgona or TikTok dances, keep up with what’s hot and connect with your audience using that. With some interesting content, you’re sure to get easy shares.
  4. Be consistent- Keep your brand voice audible and stick to a pitch to make sure your audiences don’t lose interest.
  5. Charity doesn’t have to be anonymous- COVID times really showed us the power of community. Be vocal about your business’ philanthropic endeavours and post about them as well.

With these tips in mind, you can change your social media game to suit the times. In case you need a reliable digital marketing partner, look no further. Call or mail us and let’s talk about how we can help your brand shine on social media.