How We Design Websites That Stand Out

In today’s online first market, there are thousands of website designing service providers. But your digital presence needs much more than just a couple of web pages showcasing your business. You need a truly stunning website that attracts customers and drives sales.

From aesthetics to user experience, there are a number of factors that make a website engaging. Agnis Designers is a leading website development company in Kolhapur. Over the years, we’ve helped hundreds of clients reach more customers with our dependable and creative website design services. Our team of professionals follows a meticulous designing and development process to create a website that looks fresh and engages with your audience.

Here is a glimpse of how Agnis Designers creates websites that stand out:

Step 1 - Requirement Assessment

The process of building your website starts with a brainstorming session. Our team sits down with you to discuss your requirements and expectations from the website. This helps our team understand and establish the tone and aesthetics of your web presence. It is a crucial step as it lays the foundation of your website.

Step 2 – Wireframing, Design Inspiration & Mockups

After extensive brainstorming and exchange of ideas, our web designers sit down and create a wireframe for what the website would look like. This includes creating the sitemap, listing down repetitive and original pages, finalizing color scheme and broad look and feel of the website.

It also includes creating a mockup design to give you a glimpse of the elements and how they would look together. An important step in wireframing is designing the user experience to ensure the audience is engaged and motivated to make a purchase from your business. We send this inspiration deck to you for review and approval, post which the work on your website begins.

Step 3 – Logo Design

At Agnis Designers, we offer comprehensive design solutions, including creating a brand new logo for your brand. Our designers create fresh and appealing logo ideas based on your inputs. We then work on perfecting the design that you choose. Soon, you have a logo that best depicts your brand. If you already have a creative and engaging logo, we skip this step and start working on your website.

Step 4 – Designing Your Website

Once the look and appeal of your website is finalized, our designers then create each page meticulously. All the elements are added according to the pre-confirmed wireframe and UX design. We keep you updated on the progress, and your inputs/review is taken frequently to ensure prompt changes.

While the pages are being designed, our content developers create informative and engaging content to complement the visuals. This includes content for individual pages that embeds relevant keywords and SEO tags to help boost your website on search engines.

Once the design process is complete, and you’ve approved all the pages, we go ahead with backend coding and development.

With this step, your website design is complete. However, in order to ensure that your website performs to its full potential, we undertake some additional necessary steps:

Step 5 – W3C Validation & Debugging

Before your website goes live, it is important to run a full diagnosis to ensure smooth user experience. This includes undertaking a full W3C markup validation. This validation assesses your website code for correct formatting, failing which the website would repeatedly encounter errors and bugs.

Step 6 – On-Page SEO

In order to bring more viewers to your new website, it is essential to optimize the pages for better visibility. On page SEO makes it easier for search engine crawlers to find your website, and list them higher on search engine result pages.

Step 7 – Final Testing

After all the aspects of your new website are complete, we undertake a final quality assessment and testing to root out any possible error or hurdle. This includes speed testing, upload/download time evaluation, image optimization check and more.

Once our team is completely satisfied with the output, we finish the project and send it to you. Upon your approval, we make your website live on the internet.

Congratulations! You are now ready to make the most of your brand online and increase your profitability.