Project Description

In the year 1989, two young technocrats Mr. Prakash Maladkar and Mr. Girish Patil decided to venture in the field of Industrial Heat Treatment Furnace and Oven manufacturing. With the limited resources at hand but with strong determination and the passion for success in a very short time they have received positive acknowledgement from the industry By receiving repetitive Orders from Existing Customers.Today AFECO offers solutions to wide range of thermal systems with expert solutions for metallurgical processes such as:

Curing, Aging, Quenching, Annealing, Hardening, Shell firing, Normalizing, Tempering, Core Drying, Nitrading, Sintering, Non Ferrous Melting, Holding, Paint baking, Steel forging, Controlled Atmosphere, Nitrogen purging, Copper Tube Bright Annealing, Spherodised Annealing and Aluminium Extrusion & Forging.

Team “AFECO” includes masters in thermal / heat technology, experts in the field of material science, mechanical Engineering, Software experts and service technologies. Since its inception, company has become synonymous with innovative technology and cutting edge solutions.

Along With its international standard designs, solution, sourcing, servicing and support have become the integral part of AFECO’s philosophy.