Project Description

We are the sole importers of JULITE and “REXALON” “MACROLUX” brand UV coated polycarbonate sheets to the country.

These sheets are manufactured as per the International quality standard ISO 9000 using the best quality Mackrolon grade raw material from Bayer Polycarbonate sheets are the most versatile roofing sheets as it is virtually unbreakable, has superior fire resistance properties,
high impact strength, U.V. protective coating, and gives reduced heat due to multilayer construction.Polycarbonate sheets are ideal for all types of roofing, building decoration, green houses, indoor swimming pools, stadiums, sky lighting etc.

All the sheets supplied by us are UV Co extruded during the production process whereby the sheets do not yellow or discolour and will last avery long time.

UV Coated compact / embossed sheets are available in 2 mm, 3 mm in clear, bronze, blue, green colours and 4 mm and 6 m are available in clear colour.

Multiwall sheets are available standard size of 5.80 mts x 2.10 mts ( 131.05 Sq ft) and 11.80 mts x 1.22 mts ( 154.90 Sq ft ) in 4mm, 6mm,.8 mm and 10 mm for the Blue, Clear, Bronze, Grey, Green colours. We have new colours like Frost and Silver which is ideal for applicationwhere you need lesser light and these sheets have excellent aesthetic appeal.