Project Description

Maharashtra has a tradition of heroic history due to the power of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and the vast range of Sahyadri. Maharashtra is full of tribal areas including forts and palace, historic monuments, temples, rivers, seas, waterfalls, caves, mountains, plateaus, ghats, forests. These are Maharashtra’s many wonderful places. Maharashtra is great because of this variety. Amazing Maharashtra is the unique safar of this great Maharashtra. Amazing places will be visited through the helicopter, including the fort of Maharashtra. This is the first such journey in Maharashtra. Helicopter ride is a unique experience in life, through tourism, amateur tourists will get it. Geographically important locations will also be transported through the vehicle with history. Besides, various antique items, books can also be made from the website. Amazing Maharashtra’s efforts to provide whatever help will be needed in the tourism sector as well. Through Amazing Maharashtra, booking of tours, hotels, cottages and tenthouses can also be made. Amazing Maharashtra will be an attempt to showcase Maharashtra’s unique and unique way of life … So, let’s take a different experience with Amazing Maharashtra!

We will show Maharashtra’s brilliant glory …!

Let Experience Maharashtra … become a witness of history ….!