Project Description

The name stands for Chipade – Kulkarni Venture a confluence of two respectable & reputed families in Kolhapur

The Chipade Family – This renowned family is into jewellery business right since 1895 in Kolhapur & their name itself assures quality in whatever they venture into.

Successfully carrying forward the legacy of over a century of respectable years in the business of jewellery, the Chipade group is now venturing into one more endeavor that demands the same amount of perfection, innovation & above all customer’s satisfaction.

Mr. Bansi Chipade, Mr. Murali Chipade &. Mr. Giri Chipade are all geared up to serve their clientele with continued sense of belonging & dedication.

The Kulkarni Family – This is a well known family in Kolhapur traditionally into agriculture. Over the years, the Kulkarnis hi excelled in state of the art modernised techniques of farming.

This is how CK Venture is a confluence of two respectable & reputed families who have come together to deliver the best for their revered clientele.