Project Description

IAACD, the face of Aesthetic Dentistry in India, is an association of dentists with a clear cut focus on aesthetic & cosmetic dentistry. It has been in existence for over a decade and half and is recognized internationally, being part of the International Federation of Esthetic Dentists (IFED).

One man, whose vision was absolutely focused, Dr.Sandesh Mayekar, the founder president of the IAACD saw to it that over the years, all leading luminaries from around the globe visited India and shared their knowhow and knowledge with the Indian fraternity.

Drs. Gordon Christensen, Ron Feinman, George Freedman, Danny Fischer, Jeffrey-Golub Evans, Marty Abel, David Ouellet, T.Hobo, Peter Tay, Michael Miller, Irwin Smigel, Woflgang Richter, Luca Dalloca are but a few who have delivered lectures over the years.