Project Description

We Custom Build Control & Power Transformers with capacity from 10 VA to 150 KVA; either Single Phase or Three Phase and also Inductors / Line Reactors [Chokes].

The various industrial applications where our Transformers are widely used : For Machine tools, Control Panels, VFD Panels, APFC/CAPACITOR Panels, Instruments, Power supplies, UPS Systems, Solar Inverters, Wind Energy Systems, Battery chargers, Servo Voltage Stabilizers, Lifts, Cranes, Automation Panels, Robotic Controllers etc.

The first step towards providing you with the best products starts with a detailed study of your application. Our team of technical experts then evaluate your requirements and match them with the best product. The customized product is then manufactured to deliver optimum efficiency. Our in-house R & D team has a work experience of over 25 years in providing customized solutions. The state-of- the-art manufacturing facility functions with robust QMS implementation. We maintain quality control at every stage of production.