Project Description

By this year 2011, the name “Bagal” has become a synonym to “Paper” and is equally being taken in the Rapidly Growing “Civil Industry” in Kolhapur region.

It was year 1980 when I (Rajendra B. Bagal) started a new Business in the Paper Industry as a Paper Merchant. Being an Entrepreneur and Novice and being ready for any hardships, I took it slow but steady. Learnt the intricacies of this Industry. Gradually I expanded the Paper Business and taken it to a New height. Made the Name “Bagal” a Milestone, which is therefore taken and treated with respect in Kolhapur region.

While I settled in the Paper business, around year 2000-2001 a new, challenging and prospective Industry was singing waves in my mind. The Civil or Construction industry. It is a very challenging, prospective, lucrative and at the same time a very risky Industry I would say. Why challenging, because it involves lot of brainstorming, technical knowhow, research & development, accuracy, speed and at the same time lot of Finance. With the help of my Friends and colleagues, I started to shape the thought which was calling my inquisitive, adaptive and adventurous mind. After a year or two’s work I came to a conclusion, a thoughtful decision which later made me proud.

In the year 2002, out of the brainstorming come out my First ever Construction project “Gajanan Maharaj Residency” which is a very well planned, specious, well ventilated and a Class Apart one of the First few Bungalow projects in Jarag Nagar, situated in South Kolhapur. Then came the prestigious “Gajanan Maharaj Sankul”, a Bungalow Project in, assumed tobe Koregaon Park of Kolhapur, the Tarabai Park area. Since then there’s no looking back for me. Later on I have done “Gajanan Maharaj Gharkul” in the “Karande Mala, Tarabai Park” which a very calm n quiet picturesque area on the Eastern side of the famous “Circuit House”. Then came our very ambitious project “Gajanan Maharaj Residency” in the famous and upcoming “New Tarabai Park” area. This is a very unique project consists of 11 Bungalows and Penthouses with very high-tech amenities. All the bungalows and penthouses are equipped with Digital Home concept, state-of-the-art Security Systems. Not to mention that the Construction equipment/material used is recyclable and Eco-Friendly. The architectural designs are future ready in the sense that these are built considering the Geological Structure (Strata) of that particular region of Kolhapur which makes it a unique and safe place to live. Above all and a principle I follow since the beginning is “Grahak Devo Bhav” and hence all of my constructions are customer-centric, well designed, architecturally well planned and Crafted to the Best possible level. I am proud that all of my Customers are more than happy with the pleasure and prosperity they have gained after living into their HOME, constructed by me. This gives me immense pleasure, a reason to enjoy and keep moving. The blessings of “Karveer Nivasini Mahalaxmi”, the best wishes of my Clientss and all the well wishers, keeps me strive for the evergreen and ever growing horizons in the Construction Business.

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